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Haynes Breakfast Club News Update

For over nine years, we’ve gathered thousands of cars, motorcycles, and enthusiasts at the Breakfast Club. Though the event has evolved, our core mission remains unchanged. Here’s an update on why we host this fundraising event and the recent changes made for the benefit of both the Museum charity and you, our valued visitor.

Event background

The Breakfast Club is hosted by Haynes Motor Museum, a registered charity, which serves two main purposes:

1.     Community Gathering: We provide a welcoming space for everyone to display and admire cars and motorcycles of all marques and ages, while chatting to fellow enthusiasts.

2.     Fundraising: All profits from the event, including entry fees and food and drink sales directly support the Haynes Motor Museum charity. These funds help preserve our historic collection and also support our educational programmes designed to inspire the next generation of car enthusiasts.

Event Space

Our event space includes a large display car park, a spectator car park, and a special paddock area, accommodating up to 650 cars and over 1,000 visitors each month. To better manage event operations, the Museum and café open at 11am on Breakfast Club days. We’ve also restricted access to the front car park during the event for safety reasons.

Running the event consecutively alongside the Museum stretches limited resources and Museum capacity.

Commercial Opportunities

Within the event space we have recently introduced some additional catering outlets along with some basic outdoor event toilets. We also welcome new sponsorships, display stands, additional catering units, and other commercial opportunities including photography. For a minimal fee, these not only offer businesses exposure to a large audience but also help financially support the Museum. If interested email

Additionally, our classic car workshop, Haynes Heritage Engineering, is open on event days. This gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the special cars our engineers are working on for private clients.

Photography and video

The Breakfast Club is a fantastic place for capturing stunning vehicle photos. We encourage attendees to take and share photos and videos freely.

More recently we have asked anyone who is taking imagery in a commercial capacity (taking money through selling their images) to get in touch with us in advance to arrange a photographer’s pass –

These passes equate to £20 per month (purchased for the year) and goes directly back to our charity. Like all commercial activity on the museum site, we also require photographers to provide us with evidence of public liability insurance.

We believe most people attending and taking photos do so as an enjoyable hobby and to allow fellow enthusiasts free access to their images. It also provides a platform for them to make new contacts.

We don’t generally permit drones at Breakfast Club. However, please get in touch with us if you want to discuss further.



Your safety is our top priority. We conduct thorough risk assessments, have plenty of event marshals, and always have first aiders on site. If you notice anything unsafe, please let us know.

We’ve seen small crowds and photographers near the exit gates and along the road, which can lead to dangerous driving. For everyone’s safety, we’ve restricted pedestrian access to these areas. We know this might seem strict, but these measures are for the safety and enjoyment of all attendees. We know this may sound tough, but we would all hate for the event to be closed down due to dangerous behaviour by a small minority.

We welcome any feedback on the Breakfast Club and look forward to it growing in the future.

The Breakfast Club Team







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